Feel that you are not familiar enough with the real estate market in Georgia? Don't worry, let us sort it out for you: the Elson Group team completed an in-depth study of the field for you, and has arrived at the following findings:

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The development of the local currency: the Lari

Batumi encourages foreign investments (ranked 7th in the world compared to Israel which is ranked 35th) and the value of its currency, the Lari, is growing at an incredible rate: in 2021 its value was 0.95 NIS, while today it is worth 1.44 NIS – a 50% jump in only two years (!).
This data is extraordinary and testifies to the rapid and stable rate of development of Georgia.

Other notable data:

Legal guidance and management by a Georgian-Israeli team

o provide our clients with the much needed peace of mind and to bridge the language gap,
Elson Group works in collaboration with “Moshe Sapir & Co.”, the only law firm of its kind in Georgia,
which specializes in Georgian law in the commercial-civil field and its many sub-branches,
and boasts a respectable arsenal of first-class professionals:
 accountants, economists, appraisers and architects who are leaders in their respective fields.
When it comes to the bottom line, real estate investments in Batumi may be a fascinating and promising prospect for investors looking to expand their investment portfolio.

The best experts and professionals in the field of real estate will find the ideal place for anyone looking to invest in real estate in the area of Batumi, Georgia.
With the Elson Group, you can enjoy high-level projects that offer something for everyone – whether you are looking for an investment apartment or a unique business project

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