crowne plaza batumi

Studio apartment - 43.60 square meters

A divided studio apartment - 48.60 square meters

Panoramic 72 square meters

Penthouse 90 square meters

The spa

The largest spa in Batumi

The Makhinjauri Crowne Plaza Resort
A natural treasure in Makhinjauri – The project includes natural therapeutic springs, whose waters are infused with sulfur and other minerals which offer an effective treatment for various skin conditions.
The native Georgians have been using these springs for medicinal purposes since 1880, but tourists did not know about their existence until recently.
The largest spa center in Batumi is currently being built at the foot of these springs, and is expected to include 60 treatment rooms and swimming pools filled with the sulfur water.
In a similar manner to the Dead Sea, the spa is predicted to attract hundreds of thousands of people a year, including tourists interested in a spa vacation or a healing retreat. These tourists will be offered special discounted package deals with various treatments, including massages.
The spa will offer a wide variety of treatments aimed at alleviating tension and enhancing inner peace. These treatments include massages, facials, and more.
In addition, the spa will offer skin treatment and protection services, such as peeling treatments, masks, and skincare treatments tourists can enjoy before attending special events. The spa will also include warm pools and dry saunas.

The spa area is located on the hotel premises, is an integral part of it and will be managed by Crowne Plaza.

Construction progress crowne plaza batumi
Updates from the field and the progress of the spa construction

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