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Lipaz Elzon, owner and CEO

Lipaz Elzon has offered his professional guidance to hundreds of investors over his extensive career, that spans more than 15 years now. Lipaz has marketed several projects in Israel, and has provided professional advice regarding various aspects related to the real estate market in Israel, including to entrepreneurs, investors, mayors and young couples. Lipaz has a unique ability to identify business potential in the real estate market, and this is one of the company’s most prominent strengths.

In addition to his business expertise, Lipaz Elzon is known for his thoroughness, meticulousness and attention to the smallest details in every project,
 whether in relation to its legal, geographic or regional-cultural-social aspects.

our team

Ido Gora

Vice President

Naama Elzon

foreign Relations

Sima Doron

Sales Representative

Moshe Sapir

A Georgian lawyer accompanying the buyers in the project

Dan Turgeman

Sales manager


Sales Representative​

To speak with a representative on our behalf, leave details!

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