So, what else can you expect to find in Batumi

The Botanical Garden, the Dolphinarium, Matirala Park, Piazza Square, Sixth of May Park, the Promenade – the beating heart of the city, hotels and casinos, and more and more, but you know what? They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so we prepared a video for you

Close, cheap, full of attractive shopping options and even offering medical tourism destinations:

get to know Batumi from a new perspective!

The tourist destinations most loved by Israelis have always been: Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Thailand and more.
Now we can officially announce the next tourist gem that Israelis are already falling in love with – Batumi, Georgia, and this is why:

Not many know, but Batumi has accumulated in recent years a host of Israeli fans who like to visit it, and this group is only growing with each passing year.
It is a cheap destination, making it ideal for low-budget vacations, but it also offers a fantastic local shopping experience, boasts a casino that does not fall short of those operating in big European cities,
it is close to Israel (about a two and a quarter hour flight) and even specializes in medical tourism (transplants and dental treatments).

An Israeli tour guide defined it as follows:
“More and more Israelis are going on vacation to Batumi,  and a small part of them also go to Tbilisi.
It is a quiet country. Most of the citizens in Georgia are Christians and there are no expressions of anti-Semitism towards Israel – on the contrary.
Batumi is also very cheap in terms of shopping, it has a casino and there are other amazing sites you can visit outside the city. It makes you feel safe.” 


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